YouTube TV – Watch & Recording Live Videos TV for Android


YouTube TV – Watch & Recording Live Videos TV for Android

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Easy to navigate interface: The main screen is split into tabs. The Live tab is where you see what is, well, on live, right now. On the Home tab, browse for shows as well as see recommendations based on your viewing habits. As you browse through a tab, the will display a thumbnail of whatever you are watching at the bottom of the window.

Excellent search: Owned by Google, YouTube TV is great at searching for shows. But the search screen also groups together similar content by genre, what’s trending, sports leagues, and late-night television, for example. This is helpful if you can’t remember the name of a show or a network.

Variety of Games and Sports events: YouTube TV Chanel may be have the broadest collection of sports channels available in an OTT service or skinny bundle. Sporting channels from ESPN, Fox, and NBC are parts of the basic packages, letting you watch everything from golf and colleges sports to English Premier League football sport. Events are subject to blackouts, and some events can’t be viewed on mobile all devices.

Watch nearly anywhere: View YouTube TV in a browser, on a phone, or streamed to a TV via Chromecast. You can watching on three devices simultaneously and set up every Family Sharing to share YouTube TV logins with five other people.

Excellent streaming quality: On our Samsung Galaxy phone, live streams looked great and ran smoothly.

30-day free trial: After the trial period, you pay $35 a month plus taxes for the basic service. Or $39.99 if you subscribe through the iOS App Store. Adding Showtime adds $11 a month, and Fox Soccer Plus is another $15.

Unlimited DVR: On of the Library tab this , adding shows, add movies, adding events, and even every sports teams to your library tab to then watch whenever you want all. Once you adding shows to your library this, the services will recording all upcoming events, new shows and reruns. YouTube TV’s DVR space is unlimited, and the service keeps recordings for nine months only. Recordings of sporting all events will be run 30 minutes beyond the scheduled time end time in case matches run long.

Football restrictions: Because of NFL broadcast licensing agreements, you may not be able to watch professional football games on a mobile device, but you will be able to watch on a computer or streamed to a TV.

Joining the rapidly growing market of cable-cutting services, YouTube TV stands out with a broad collection of sporting channels and major broadcasters, supported by generous DVR capabilities.

*This YouTube TV is currently available to residents of the following areas: Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco Bay Area. For more info, please see*
Streaming from major broadcast and cable TV channels ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, The CW, ESPN, your local sports channels & more.

  • Take your TV with you. Watch Recording, recorded and on-demands TV , anywhere you can go in the U.S.
  • Simultaneously recording live all sports, must-see shows, series, news, events, movies & TV channels episodes without DVR storages limits. Each recording will be stored for 9 months only.
  • Share up to 6 Members YouTube TV accounts with your household for the price of 1 membership.
  • Streaming on all your screens Devices: phones, tablets, computers, laptops and TVs with Google Chromecast.
  • $35/month. Get your first month free.
  • No commitment this YouTube TV, cancel anytime your Device.
    Watching it.


Choose the live TVs you want to streaming and how you want to stream it, whether on your mobile phone, computer, laptop, or TV. Watching live all sports and news channels from local channels, and all movies and must-see this shows from popular broadcast and cable TV networks. Streaming the game on your way to working, or catch up on the day’s news from the comfort of your living rooms.

Plus, make YouTube TV Register yours with optional premium networks like SHOWTIME, available for an additional monthly charges.
Recording it.

Recording your favorite shows, news, movies, or basketball and soccer games and sports, even if there on at the same time. With no DVR storage limits only, you all never are running out of space for your favorites. and we’ll keeping each of your recordings for 9 months only.
Share your YouTube TV membership

Spread the TV loving and share YouTube TV Channel or Website with up to 5 members of your family one login Details Share only five members, or even roommates, without having to sharing passwords. That means 6 members of your household can watch it and record all of their favorites and store them in their own personal DVR libraries.
Every Sports fan ?

With accessible to all regional and national world all sports networking areas, you will be able to watching major games, sporting events from MLB, NBA, NHL, NFL, NCAA, Soccer game, and more things. Streaming from ESPN, FOX Sports, and even regional sports channels is convenient for everyone in world.

Keep up with local and national news
Your Don’t missed a moment of every breaking news.
Live, recorded & on-demand TV Website
CNBC, Fox Business, Fox News, MSNBC
Disney Channel, Disney Junior, Disney XD, Sprout
Game and Sports Channels and Premium Networking’s SHOWTIME and Fox Soccer Plus Channel are also available for an Every additional monthly charges. Try 1 month free.
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